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Medtec Europe 2017 represents a great chance to do business. At the same time, the platfrom offers you a priceless opportunity to become an industry expert in only three days. How? Throughout the number of on-site conferences, seminars, forums, discovery and Startup Academy and showcases.

We are currently working on the 2017 conference agenda, so please stay tuned to receive fresh news!

Optimize Your Experience: Supplier Finder in 2017


What is the Supplier Finder?

Supplier Finder Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Our exhibitions house hundreds of companies with thousands of product categories, and to get around them in the most efficient way, you’ll need help. Our interactive screens with the show floor plan - Supplier Finder - will be ready and waiting to assist you onsite. Search by company name, product category or stand number and discover the location of your existing clients or future partners

Why seek out interactive Supplier Finder screens:

  • Search by company name, product category or stand number
  • Find new products or innovative solutions for your business
  • View all exhibitors who supply the product categories you searched for
  • See your current location and where a supplier is located
  • Browse an interactive floor plan to explore what’s available

Find what you need in seconds

Intuitive and easy to use, simply tap in the company name, product category or stand number and Supplier Finder will instantly show you what you need to know. A handy little pin icon shows you where the supplier is located. You’ll also see where you are, so you can easily navigate your way to them. If you search by product category, Supplier Finder will list all the suppliers who sell it and where they are.

Supplier Finder. Ready to help

With thousands of suppliers at the show, this saves you hours of searching. Sometimes you just need to get a complete perspective on things. With this feature you can see where suppliers are in relation to each other, helping you to plan your route. Increase your efficiency onsite – use dedicated Supplier Finder screens! To find out more, please contact our friendly team.