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Medtec Europe Press Release

2017—The Year in Which the Medical Technology Industry Sets Course From approvals and eHealth to digitisation and minituarisation—Medtec Europe sets key themes and introduces new formats

01/03/2017 Press releases
01 March 2017, Amsterdam, NL – Besides regular topics such as the digitisation of the industry and ISO 13485, and now Brexit as well as the USA’s exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP—2017 is...

Low Pressure Moulding Technology features new achievement for medical engineering – Presented at Medtec Europe 2017

27/02/2017 Press releases
The Low Pressure Molding Technology offers an optimal solution for the protection of electrical and electronic components, processing of cable glands and strain relief, as well as replacement of...
Heating Element Technologies

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies

27/02/2017 Press releases
Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies has specialized in developing and production of a multitude of heating elements and assemblies for medical applications and laboratory equipments. We...

Speaker Interview - David Kleidermacher

23/02/2017 Infographics
David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer for BlackBerry, will join Medtec Europe on Tuesday 4th April. We caught up with him ahead of his presentation to ask a few key questions about mHealth and...

Medizininstrumente markieren und beschriften

17/02/2017 Press releases
ACSYS Lasertechnik bietet mit ACSYS MEDICAL partnerschaftliche Entwicklungsarbeit Bohrer, Hartmetallfräser oder Ultraschallspitzen von Komet – die große Stärke der Medizininstrumente der Gebrüder...

Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging & Mangar Medical Packaging announce shared company name, Oliver™

02/02/2017 Article
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA – January 25, 2017 – Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging and Mangar Medical Packaging joined forces in May of last year and announce today that they will do business as...
bionic eyes

Bionic Eye Receives Approval for Trials in UK 0

10/01/2017 Article
Kristopher Sturgis A life-altering bionic eye device that could partially restore eyesight for patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa has received NHS approval in the UK. The National Health...
Pumps and Valves

New Ultra-small, Portable Device Pump

05/12/2016 Press releases
KNF introduces a new pump Introducing new KNF NMP 03 micro gas pump – measuring just 12.9 mm wide and 24.2 mm in length (with brushless DC motor). Starting at a lightweight 11g, the diminutive NMP 03...
medical laser components

High-Temperature Plastic Optical Fibres (POFs) for -55°C to +105°C

28/11/2016 Press releases
Communication links based on plastic optical fibres can be pushed to their limit in high-temperature environments. This is because, in addition to affecting the other components, the transmission of...
Orthopedics_Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet Launches Personalized Shoulder Implant

24/11/2016 Article
The Comprehensive Vault Reconstruction System is meant to meet an unmet need for shoulder specialists. Chris Newmarker Zimmer Biomet recently announced the launch of its Comprehensive Vault...
bionic eyes

Bionic Eyes Are Getting Even Better

22/11/2016 Article
French medtech firm Pixium announces the first successful implantation of its 150-electrode bionic vision system, with the person receiving the implant reporting that he can see light again. Nancy...
Primasil guides Mobile Onboard

Primasil guides Mobile Onboard through successful proof of concept

10/06/2016 Article
Primasil Silicones’ expertise and ‘can do’ attitude have helped transform a bright idea into a practical and potentially life-changing solution for bus passengers with visual or hearing impairments...