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Industry Research Defines the Future of Medtec Europe

28/05/2015 Press releases
London, 27 May 2015. Medtec Europe, organised by UBM EMEA, welcomed more than 6,000 medtech professionals to Messe Stuttgart, demonstrating this is the go-to place for sourcing the latest products,...

How to Master Moisture Control in Medical Device Packaging

05/05/2015 Article
Moisture molecules in the medical device packing can cause severe problems and even render the device useless. EMDT Managing Editor Thomas Klein summarises Dr. Mark Vealentine's prsentation "...

Best Strategies For A Successful Acquisition

04/05/2015 Article
Strategic and financial investors are looking desperately for interesting targets in the medical devices area. For businesses willing to sell, this opens a window of opportunity. Thomas Klein of EMDT...

Mind Controlled Medical Device Wins Medtec Start-Up Academy Award

01/05/2015 Article
The Italian start-up Liquidweb has developed a technology to measure and interpret electrical activity in the brain enabling paralyzed patients to communicate and even operate assistive devices...

Why Cyber-Security is Essential for the Future of Smart Manufacturing

01/05/2015 Article
Many experts claim that the manufacturing world is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution. After mechanization, industrialization and automation, it is the digitization and the increasing...

Smart Garments for Newborn Monitoring

29/04/2015 Article
The Monza, Italy, based Comftech was one of the young companies that presented their innovation at the Start-up Academy at Medtech Europe in Stuttgart. Thomas Klein, Managing Editor of EDMT, takes a...

Start-Up Develops App to Store Medical Records on Cell Phones

28/04/2015 Article
The German Start-Up Connected Health is working on a system to facilitate information sharing between patient and doctor. Thomas Klein, Managing Editor of EDMT, summarises Johannes Jacubeit's...

Italian Start-Up Develops Novel Stem Cell Sorting Method

26/04/2015 Article
The Italian company Stem Sel owns a patented technology for effective, manipulation-less stem cell sorting. It aims to start marketing by the end of 2015. Thomas Klein summarises Pierluigi Reschiglia...

Plastics and Polymeric Materials for the Next Generation Joint Replacement Implants

25/04/2015 Article
The issue of long term durability of implants is increasingly debated as the orthopaedic landscape is changing. Thomas Klein summarises Anne Roques' presentation 'The role of plastics and polymeric...

Medtec Europe 2015

24/04/2015 Press releases
View the Medtec Europe 2014 Press Release.

What to Consider when Implementing Additive Manufacturing

22/04/2015 Article
As futuristic as Additive Manufacturing still sounds, in many areas of medical technology it is already a reality. Thomas Klein summarises Mark Cotteleer's presentation 'Benefits and opportunities of...

New Surgery Simulation System Replaces Cadaver Training

20/04/2015 Article
The German start-up Medability develops custom-tailored simulation solutions to train surgeons and sales staff of medical device companies. Thomas Klein, Managing Editor of EDMT, summarises Dr. Simon...