Start-Up Academy

Medtec Europe

For the third year running, the Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy will bring together the most exciting young companies from across Europe to showcase the latest innovations in medical device technology.

The Start-Up Academy and neighbouring Forum will be located in Hall 1 on-site at Medtec Europe 2017.

We received applications from enterprises across Europe looking to showcase their innovations at the show and our shortlisted candidates below will be available to meet on-site.

Start-up Academy

We want to offer a prize to the most innovative company and would like you, the industry, to judge! Please vote for whichever company or product you feel has the most potential and will have the greatest impact on the market.

Thank you for your vote and make sure you visit our shortlisted Start-Ups on-site in the Start Up Academy, Hall 1.

Memocorby Systems

Multisensory tool/elearning, Booth Number i H 60

(Re-) Learn language with Memocorby. Our mission is to help children and adults with speech problems. Memocorby is a multi-sensory learning tool to (re-) learn language consisting of one app, five cubes and a tablet. We help children and adults with speech problems, stroke patients and patients suffering from dementia.


Omini Pharma srls

Silver nanoparticles with super-powerful antibacterial action, BOOTH NUMBER 1 H 62

In Omini, we develop new medical devices; the last product developed is a medical device based on a patent for the production of Silver Nanoparticles with super beautiful antibacterial action. These AgNP have a spectrum of very interesting action, related to their effectiveness and lasting action that are much higher than similar products currently marketed.



Automated Plasmodium counter, booth number 1 i 57

xRapid works in close collaboration with Research Institutes to develop an accurate app and a product tuned to its users. xRapid developed the solution with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris. However, the app needed to gather enough data to have a meaningful learning machine. Following a successful trial period in many European tropical medicine institutes, xRapid- Lab, the automated counter for malaria cultures, is now live on the App Store.



Innovative Nitinol Components, booth number 1 i 63

Acquandas, as OEM supplier, envisions providing the technological solution for next generation minimal invasive implants, by exploiting the unique opportunities that its microsystem fabrication process offers: the fabrication of ultra-precise, flexible Nitinol-based implants that are equipped e.g. with an array of micro-electrodes for bioelectric sensing and stimulation. Its technology therefore enables disruptive therapies in the neuromodulation field, such as minimally invasive, intravascular deep brain stimulation.



Bioactive Bone Cement, booth number 1 H 64

In Novus we have produced the first bioactive bone cement with variable viscosity. The flexibility in controlling the viscosity allow the cement to be applied in various bone diseases with minimal invasive surgery. 


Clindox Limited

Disruptive and simple data capturing in clinical trials, booth number 1 H 67

After intensive market research and unique market intelligence in Clindox we found a gap in the market for a nimble, swift, disruptive and in-expensive software application for capturing data in clinical trials. 40% of clinical trials globally are carried out using old techniques like paper CRF’s and using excel and access databases. The online systems that stands for the other 60% are big, complex and expensive systems that are not designed for majority of bio and medtech trials.



Ergonomic vaginal applicators, booth number 1 F 63

In Beyondevices, we are dedicated to improve patient adherence and compliance operating is segments of Women's Health and Smart Packaging. Meet our patented Vaginal Applicator and our Smartcap for Clinical Trials.

beyond devices

Ultramed Ltd

Online preoperative assessment program, booth number 1 F 58

Ultramed provides health technology for people.On line pre-procedure assessments of patients are rarely carried out. They are normally completed over the phone or face to face by a registered nurse. Getting the patient to enter their own information means that it empowers patients to tell their story and saves registered nurses time in collecting the data, allowing them to focus on the clinical decision making. 


Tarilian Laser Technologies

Wearable blood pressure monitor, booth number 1 F 60

A TLT Sensor: The ability to measure vital signs e.g. blood pressure without the need for a cuff nor energy entering the body, in a continuous manner in a simple wearable device. The technology allows mitigating risk of inaccuracy of measurement, white coat syndrome and patient/user compliance issues.


OT Medizintechnik GmbH

Intramedullary nail system, booth number 1 G 59

In OT Medizintechnik GmbH we focus on design, development, certification and commercialization of minimal invasive and innovative implants in traumatology/orthopaedicsIntramedullary nails are indicated in severe combined arthritis of the upper and lower ankle joints. Current available arthrodesis nails have limitations in the immediate postoperative stability and in the lack of flexibility in the orientation of the screws in the calcaneus and talus.

oT Medizintechnik GmbH

stimOS GmbH

Stealth Technology for Implant Materials, booth number 1 G 60

Bone Identic Implant Surfaces made by stimOS GmbH MBT – Mimicking Bone Technology, developed by stimOS GmbH – makes every implant surface (titanium, ceramics or polymers) cell attractive and bone identic. 


Personal MedSystems GmbH / CardioSecur

Mobile ECG, booth number 1 H 65

CardioSecur Active helps users better understand their cardiac symptoms and heart health by providing them with a mobile 22-lead ECG with a direct recommendation to act, giving them guidance on what to do in times of uncertainty.



Adaptive wheelchair, booth number 1 H 69

In Destino, we provide wheelchair drivers with healthy seating and a joint sparing propulsion system through a newly designed lever propulsion (tested at RWTH Aachen for reduced forces on the glenohumeral joint) and dynamic seating contstruction (tested at German sports university Cologne (positive effects on the spine).



Breast cancer detection tool, booth number 1 H 70

Nascient Systems provides software products with built-in Artificial Intelligence capabilitie. Our innovation, MAMMO-X, is a Computer Aided Detection, CAD, system capable of detecting breast cancer, particularly micro-calcifications, in mammograms. MAMMO-X is a standalone, environment independent and fully DICOM format compliant CAD.



Microwave imagine techniques for diagnostic purposes, booth number 1 H 72

UBT is pioneering microwave imaging, and constructed a novel X-ray free mammogram. The inherent safety of the mammogram (which uses microwave signal rather than ionizing radiation), the absence of any breast crushing, the easy examination can strong enhance mass screening. Clinical trials are already in progress at Perugia Hospital, Italy. 



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