Start-Up Academy

A few of our 2017 Start-Up Academy Finalists

  • Omini Pharma srls | We develop new medical devices;, the last product developed is a medical device based on a patent for the production of Silver Nanoparticles with super beautiful antibacterial action. These AgNP have a spectrum of very interesting action, related to their effectiveness and lasting action that are much higher than similar products currently marketed.
  • Heidl | A Galway based medical device company, specialising in orthobiologic scaffolds which optimise cellular life.  We’ve turned to nature for our blueprints and our source biomaterial is tropical marine coral. We solve the problem of porosity by delivering naturally-assembled scaffolds, conferring economic and clinical benefits to our clients, with enhanced patient welfare as our driver.
  • Acquandas GmbH | Acquandas, as OEM supplier, envisions providing the technological solution for next generation minimal invasive implants, by exploiting the unique opportunities that its microsystem fabrication process offers: the fabrication of ultra-precise, flexible Nitinol-based implants that are equipped e.g. with an array of micro-electrodes for bioelectric sensing and stimulation. Its technology therefore enables disruptive therapies in the neuromodulation field, such as minimally invasive, intravascular deep brain stimulation.
  • Meditech Endoscopy Ltd | Meditech Endoscopy Solutions is a company that designs, develops, and either manufactures or licences products within the medical endoscopy arena. We concentrate on the rapidly growing sectors of endoscopy cleaning and disinfection and colonoscope handling within the market expanding cancer screening programmes, and look to gain IP on such products.
  • Amparo GmbH | We are redesigning prosthetic care to provide a better experience for amputees and orthopedic technicians. Using human-centered design we have developed the first pre-assembled prosthetic socket, a simple alternative to traditional sockets that supports amputees on their first steps.
  • BeyonDevices | Medtech dedicated to improve patient adherence and compliance operating is segments of Women's Health and Smart Packaging. Meet our patented Vaginal Applicator and our Smartcap for Clinical Trials.
  • Tarilian Laser Technologies | Tarilian Laser Technologies is an innovative Uk based Medtech company that has created a ground-breaking new truly non-invasive novel optical platform for continuous beat to beat  blood pressure and haemodynamic measurement that is easy to use and delivers high fidelity biometric data within seconds on a robust accurate and dynamic basis. TLT are entering the multi-billion consumer and hospital Medtech markets and consumer wearable blood pressure monitoring markets with a structured market launch in Q 4 2017 in partnership with key global corporates.
  • OT Medizintechnik GmbH | We focus on design, development, certification and commercialization of minimal invasive and innovative implants in traumatology/orthopaedics. Our own product portfolio consists of a polyaxial and angle stable intramedullary nail system, polyaxial targeting devices for nails and locking plates, a innovative hemi- or total arthroplasty of the ellbow. We also consult external inquiries.
Start-up Academy

Still time to apply!

Are you a Medical Device or Technology start-up looking to bring your product to market? Medtec Europe offers the perfect platform to showcase your innovation to the industry, and we are inviting a select number of the most exciting young companies to exhibit at the 2017 event free of charge as part of our Start-Up Academy.

The Start-up Academy is an opportunity for innovative new businesses to showcase their latest products and technologies at the event through a free exhibition space, and have the chance to present to the market in our Start-Up Forum.

For the chance to position your organisation at the forefront of the European medical device industry, send us a proposal by 24th February! Winners will be announced in February 2017.

Start-Up Academy

How to participate

All you need to know on how to participate to the Medtec Europe 2017 Start-Up Academy contest 



The deadline for submissons for Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy 2017 is February 24, 2017.

Contact Tara Dougal, Medtec Content Manager at or call +31 (0)20 708 1609

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