The International Exhibition for Advanced Manufacturing Solutions


After a strategic repositioning and conceptual change of the Medtec shows, the Südtec show has also been analyzed early this year. The position of the Südtec show is clear: directly located within the Southern German market, it has a tremendous competitive advantage but it was lacking an own concept.


Therefore we would like to inform that Südtec will not take place in 2016. We are currently working closely together with the association WVIB - also known as Schwarzwald AG - to launch a new exhibition in April 2018.

What remains, what will leave?
  • The event will have a new name (not finalized yet)
  • Focus of the fair will be processing of metals, plastics and assemblies, as well as presentations of know-how, highlights and innovations from the region.
  • It will still take place parallel to Medtec but in a separate hall and with its own visitors entrance.
  • Own marketing, their own identity - decoupled from Medtec.
Target groups

The visitor target group comes mainly from the general manufacturing industries (automotive, electric mobility, aerospace, process engineering ...) mostly from southern Germany that after looking for:

  • Suppliers that offer “added value” to their customers  and not only produce for cost-effective quantities
    • Focus on pattern components / small series / manufacturing support
  • Processing technologies (the clever "all-rounder" and "problem solver")
  • High-precision manufacturing techniques
  • Specialized suppliers that support planning intense and complex manufacturing

We will finalize the concept within the first quarter of 2016 and present it to the market. If you'd like to contribute, please send us your comments and suggestions.

Please click here if you are interested in this new show. Or contact us directly +49 2241 9597812 or via email