Alexander M. Seifalian

Director of Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine
The London BioScience Innovation Centre

Alexander Seifalian, Professor of Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine has worked at Royal Free Hospital and University College London over 25 years, published over 647 peer-reviewed research papers, and 14 UK and International patents. He is currently director of NanoRegMed Ltd, working in commercialisation of his research. During his career he has led and managed many large projects with multidisciplinary teams with very successful outcomes in terms of commercialisation and translation to patients. He was awarded the top prize in the field for the development of nanomaterials and technologies for cardiovascular implants in 2007 by Medical Future Innovation, and in 2009 received a Business Innovation Award from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). European Life Science Awards. Winner of most innovative new product 2012 “Synthetic Trachea”. Hamburg, Germany, 29 may 2012. He also was awarded Nanosmat Prize in August 2013 in.  In 2016 in Brussels he received the Heals distinguish research award in recognition for his outstanding work in regenerative medicine from Heals Healthy Life Extension Society. He developed world first synthetic trachea, lacrimal drainage conduit, and vascular bypass graft using nanocomposite materials and bioactive molecules and stem cells technology.