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The medical device industry is fast moving, and with a need to keep up with the latest technology and market needs. We provide a comprehensive and free conference covering key medical and engineering disciplines at all our Medtec events. Working with our European Advisory Board, we provide access to the hottest topics and issues faced by the industry today. Find out more about the education available at Medtec events.

Education at Medtec

What education is on offer at our events?

Medtec events offer a new and exciting FREE educational programme featuring keynote addresses, panel and roundtable discussions, individual presentations, practical case studies, workshops and much more. With a multitude of topics to choose from, you’ll benefit from an inspiring and thought-provoking content focusing on the latest innovations across the entire medtech value chain.

Our expert speakers from a range of distinguished medtech companies such as Stryker, Becton Dickinson, Novartis, Medtronic, Orange Healthcare provide you the opportunity to explore the latest advances and learn from best practice.

Advisory Board

Working with the industry to create relevant and leading education

To create an education programme that provides conference standard insight, free of charge, we’ve enlisted the help of our Medtec Advisory Board. With members from across Europe, from a wide range of disciplines and roles, they’ve helped to create a programme that covers the issues that are most relevant to your business.

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Speakers Overview

Medtec events provide free education to all attendees, with expert speakers from the industry. Thomas Klein, Managing Editor from EMDT has interviewed Dr Anne Roques, Peter Brady and Dr Salam Al-Sam to sumarise their presentations at Medtec events. Plastics and Polymeric Materials for the Next Generation Joint Replacement Implants - The patient profile for joint replacements is changing, the implants need to be designed for more active patients and have to last longer... How to Deal with IT-Security Threats for Connected Medical Devices - As devices are increasingly connected via the Internet, cybersecurity is a growing concern... Why Diagnostic Cellular Pathology Needs to Become Digital – A Histopathologist’s Perspective - with personalised medicine on the rise, the need for clever machines and software to help scientists and doctors to collect data...

All this, and much more can be discovered at Medtec


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