Breakfast Meetings

Subject for Medtec Europe 2017 - Opportunities in the Nordics

The topic for Medtec Breakfast Meetings 2017 was Opportunities in the Nordics. Below you can find the schedule for 2017. As Medtec 2018 comes closer, this page will be updated. Our aim for next year's show is to focus on Smart Health & Manufacturing, as the industry increasingly looks towards user friendly solution for patients. 

Breakfast Meetings

Interested in expanding to the Nordic markets? Find out how to develop, demonstrate and deliver value to health care systems across the region

The Nordic countries have a defined focus on healthcare and innovative technologies and budgets that can meet such challenges, which makes the region an attractive option for device manufacturers looking to expand their interests. As some of the best funded markets globally, these economies are achieving world-class healthcare outcomes, with a strong focus on patient centricity.
This event offers an introduction to the Nordic market, insight into the regulatory environment and the impact of the forthcoming MDR & IVDR directives. You will get an introduction to testing and development facilities and possibilities in the Nordics through two publicly funded projects. The objective of the two projects is to establish best practice across the region to improve product quality and patient experience, as well as reducing development costs.
Join this free event to learn more about this innovative market with plentiful opportunities for investment. Network with key stakeholders from Nordic university hospitals and innovation centres across the region and take away key learnings from ongoing projects.


8:30-9:00 – Welcome breakfast & networking

9:00-9:05 Welcome from the Chair

9:05-9:30 Nordic Market Overview: What are the opportunities?
Bent-Hakon Lauritzen, Project Leader, Oslo MedTech

9:30-10:00 New regulatory frameworks - how forthcoming MDR & IVDR directives will be implemented in the Nordics
Tom Ståhlberg, Director, Finnish Health Technology Association

10:00-10:30 Nordic Testbeds Projects – Establishing best practice for testing and development in Nordic hospitals

The Nordic Test Beds project connects healthcare professionals with entrepreneurs by offering Nordic companies the opportunity to test innovative healthcare products and prototypes in a realistic hospital environment. Five Nordic university hospitals are collaborating on this project to create an efficient ecosystem and establish best practice for Nordic healthcare product testing. Benefits of this initiative include allowing care providers to test, develop and improve their devices in a live environment will real patient feedback, acceleration of product development time, decreased development costs and enhanced product quality.The project partners are: Innovation Skåne, Innovation Akademiska at Uppsala University Hospital, Aalborg University Hospital at North Denmark Region, Oslo University Hospital, OuluHealth Labs at Oulu University Hospital, BusinessOulu and Centre for Health and Technology at University of Oulu.

Nordic Network of Testbeds

The objective of this sister project is to harmonize clinical and administrative standards and operations, and together develop a professional service for the testing of new and innovative healthcare products in the Nordics. By creating “one point of contact” for all test beds across the region, we also aim to match companies with the testing facility that best fits their requirements. The project partners are:

Oslo MedTech, Oslo University Hospital – Intervention Centre, Sunnaas sykehus HF,
Nordic Medtest, Karolinska University Hospital, SLL Innovation,Helsinki University Hospital (HUS);
The Capital Region of Denmark - Centre for Regional Development, Department for Research and Innovation and Innovation Centre Iceland

Learn how this project can be replicated for international companies looking to establish their own codes of best practice.

10:30-10:35 Close from the Chair

10:35-11:00 Coffee & Networking

​Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Advisor Market Development, Oslo Medtech
Kalevi Virta, Coordinator, Centre for Health & Technology, Oulu

Arvid Loeken


Senior Innovation Advisor, Nordic Innovation

Tom Ståhlberg


Director, Finnish Health Technology Association

Bent-Håkon Lauritzen


Advisor Market Development, Oslo Medtech

Kalevi Virta


Centre for Health and Technology, Oulu