Digitization - What it really means for the Medical Devices Industry


Jürgen Zimmermann, Sales Executive, Siemens Industry Software GmbH (Germany), and Olaf Haupt, Sales Director, Camstar Europe, Siemens Industry SoftwareGmbH (Germany) will be at Medtec Europe this year explaining the closed-loop product design and manufacturing process that allows real-time access to your data and enables the digitization trend, below is a sneak peak into their session...   


These days we are constantly inundated with the concept of Industrie 4.0 as an aspiration point for your manufacturing and operations. This can get rather overwhelming, especially for an industry who must first and foremost focus on product quality and regulatory compliance. These two crucial factors can be viewed as inhibitors to this digital revolution because of the validation effort and risk associated with introducing new technology to your regulated environment. That being said, Digitalization is not out of reach for the Medical Device industry.  It’s should be undertaken in a logical sequence to reduce validation effort while maximizing value. The best place to aim your focus as a starting point is your shop floor.

Ask yourself, “What sort of value could I see if I had real time access to my manufacturing, machine, and design data?”  Access to data is a critical, yet often overlooked portion of the Digitalization trend.  Most associate this digital revolution with automation, but without access to data in real-time, companies cannot fully optimize into a “smart factory.”             

The Medical Device industry is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years due to a lengthened population life span. The effects of this will be increased demand, resulting in the faster commoditization of products and the need to release newer innovative products at a quicker pace.  If you do not have real-time access to your product design or manufacturing data, how can you expect to keep up? The first step in digitalization for Medical Device manufacturers is investing in manufacturing technology that gives you visibility and control of your processes.

Siemens PLM offers a complete end-to-end process for medical device manufacturers, ensuring that quality is built into your product at each step of the process.  From design and engineering, including requirement/risk management, construction, and simulation, to an error-proofed manufacturing process, giving you the satisfaction and peace of mind that your product is of the highest quality and compliance.  Along with our variety of top-notch solutions, Siemens is proud to now include the market leading Manufacturing Execution System (eDHR/eBR) for the Medical Device and Diagnostics industry, Camstar, in the portfolio.  Designed and built to meet specific needs of the Medical Device and Diagnostics manufacturers, meeting requirements out-of-the-box with minimal configuration and no coding, Camstar’s Medical Device Suite is used to manage, monitor, and synchronize manufacturing activities across lines and plants, and integrates them in real-time with core business processes. Camstar provides the manufacturing control needed to help eliminate scrap, reduce rework, errors and redundant checks. As a result, manufacturers improve yields and product quality, shorten lead times and reach volumes quickly, respond to changing demand, and reduce the cost of compliance.  

Join Jürgen Zimmermann and Olaf Haupt in Stuttgart on April 13th, from 14.00 - 14.45 in Hall 7, Orthopedics, for "Quality - From Design to Manufacturing"