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medical laser components

High-Temperature Plastic Optical Fibres (POFs) for -55°C to +105°C

28/11/2016 Press releases
Communication links based on plastic optical fibres can be pushed to their limit in high-temperature environments. This is because, in addition to affecting the other components, the transmission of...
Orthopedics_Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet Launches Personalized Shoulder Implant

24/11/2016 Article
The Comprehensive Vault Reconstruction System is meant to meet an unmet need for shoulder specialists. Chris Newmarker Zimmer Biomet recently announced the launch of its Comprehensive Vault...
bionic eyes

Bionic Eyes Are Getting Even Better

22/11/2016 Article
French medtech firm Pixium announces the first successful implantation of its 150-electrode bionic vision system, with the person receiving the implant reporting that he can see light again. Nancy...
Primasil guides Mobile Onboard

Primasil guides Mobile Onboard through successful proof of concept

10/06/2016 Article
Primasil Silicones’ expertise and ‘can do’ attitude have helped transform a bright idea into a practical and potentially life-changing solution for bus passengers with visual or hearing impairments...
A New Design for Opioid Overdose Treatment

A New Design for Opioid Overdose Treatment

02/06/2016 Article
An industrial designer witnessing opioid addiction in his community creates a new, improved device designed to deliver treatment in case of an overdose.

Digitization - What it really means for the Medical Devices Industry

22/03/2016 Article
Jürgen Zimmermann, Sales Executive, Siemens Industry Software GmbH (Germany), and Olaf Haupt, Sales Director, Camstar Europe, Siemens Industry SoftwareGmbH (Germany) will be at Medtec Europe this...

Financing for early stage Med Tech start-ups

14/03/2016 Article
Jürg Martin, President, MSM Group AG, will be at Medtec Europe talking about the importance of financing for start-ups. He's spoken to us ahead of his session and given us an overview of what he will...

Infographic: The Future of Medical Technology

14/03/2016 Infographics
Ahead of Medtec Europe 2016, we have spoken to some of the speakers who will be presenting at the show this year and asked them to describe the future of Medical Technology in one word, this is what...

Infographic: 5 Medical Technology Future Predictions

14/03/2016 Infographics
We spoke to some Medical Technology professionals who will be speaking at Medtec Europe and asked them what they think is going to happen in the industry in next five years, this is what they have...

Digital health and the digitization of the Medical Devices industry

14/03/2016 Article
We caught up with Susan Rafizadeh, Director Global Marketing Life Sciences at SAP and got her thoughts on digital health and the digitization of industry. She will be at Medtec Europe this year as...

The force is strong in risk management for Med Tech

11/03/2016 Article
Noel Butterworth, Principal Quality Engineer, Medtronic Europe Sárl will be at Medtec Europe 2016 discussing Risk Management in medical devices. Below, he gives us a sneak peak into his session......

Infographic: 6 reasons to love working in Medical Technology

11/03/2016 Infographics
Ahead of Medtec Europe 2016, we spoke to some of the speakers who will be at the show and asked them why they loved working in the Medical Technology industry, this is what they had to say...