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Are you already an Exhibitor of Medtec Europe? On this page you can find some free promotional opportunities we offer. Click on one of the options below to open or download it. 

"Visit Us" Banner

Create your own banner by using the stand number of your company. Click the button below and insert your stand number. Download the code and insert on your website.


Free banner "Visit us" Medtec Europe 2018

HTML Invite

1. Download the invite
2. Insert your logo, stand number and company
3. Decide who you'd like to invite for a visit at Medtec Europe 2018
4. Press send. Done!

Invite clients and partners to your stand. Download the HTML from Medtec Europe

Download logos

Via this link you can download the logos of Medtec Europe. Click the button below in order to open the folder and select the logos you would like to download.


Medtec Logo ENG
Join company Invite your clients and partners to Medtec Europe 2018

Invite the prospects that matter to your company. Download the pdf, and edit it with your company details. Click the button below, save the file, and edit directly on your computer.

Exhibitor Manual

Exhibiting Tips to maximize your success

Exhibiting tips before the show

Medtec Europe Exhibiting tips before the show

Exhibiting tips during the show

Medtec Europe Exhibiting tips during the show

Exhibiting tips after the show

Maximise your success after the show has traded