MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG
Address: Bahnhofstraße 4, 87787 Wolfertschwenden
Telephone:+49 8334 601 0
Stand number: 10H32

Meet exhibitor: MULTIVAC


MULTIVAC is providing packaging solutions for the medical as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

We provide different packaging technologies, i.a. thermoform packaging, traysealers as well as chamber machines. With our packaging solutions we cover small as well as large scale producers of sterile medical products or pharmaceuticals and customize the solutions to their individual needs.

Our product range applies to the current regulation and legislation of the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry. With our worldwide sales and service organization we provide a comprehensives pre-sales and after sales service and support our customers in the development of necessary packaging concepts.

The products presented at Medtec are:
1) Thermoform packaging machine R 081

The thermoform packaging machine R 081 is a compact model for small-scale production and for those companies, which want to launch into automated packaging. The machine can be used for producing both vacuum packs and modified atmosphere packs with reduced residual oxygen content. Flexible and rigid films as well as Tyvek® and paper-based packaging materials can be run with ease. The range of pack formats can be freely configured. The drawer system ensures that format change is fast and simple.

At MedTec the R 081 will be exhibited with the DP 230 direct web printer and the TTO 06, a network-enabled thermal transfer printer of the latest generation. The DP 230, which is fitted in the area of the sealing station, can print the packs in both the longitudinal and cross directions and is therefore suitable for machines with multi-row and multi-track dies.

2) T 260

As regards the traysealer sector, the T 260 will be on view, which was specially developed to meet the high demands of the medical products and pharmaceutical industries. This mobile and compact model is designed for running a wide spectrum of trays, and it offers companies packing small to medium-sized batches a high degree of process reliability, reproducibility and above all flexibility. The sealing die ensures that a controlled sealing pressure and precise temperature distribution are achieved. Critical parameters are monitored permanently by sensors.

3) C 300 TC chamber machine

MULTIVAC will also be presenting the C 300 TC chamber machine from its wide range of chamber machine products. This model enables sterile medical products to be packed securely in film pouches, and packs can be produced either as vacuum packs or with modified atmosphere and reduced residual oxygen content. A temperaturecontrolled and permanently heated sealing bar, which can be both validated and calibrated, ensures that this machine achieves reproducible sealing quality.

All the above mentioned machines are cleanroom-compatible and of course meet all the legal requirements as well as the GMP, GAMP5 and ISO guidelines.

Who are you looking to meet at Medtec Europe?

We are looking forward to meet representatives of the medical devices industry related to different tasks in the packaging area:

  • Packaging design and development
  • Packaging production
  • Packaging materials management

What is your history with the show?

MULTIVAC has been participating for many years and decided to come back this year.

What is, in your opinion, the most exciting developments in the industry at the moment?

We notice a further globalization of the business and see the trend to higher flexibility without jeopardizing the security of the product and the packaging process.

Where do you place your company in the development of the industry?

MULTIVAC is the leading producer of thermoform packaging machines worldwide. With our latest product developments for the medical devices industry we definitively lead the market in this area.