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Sepsis is the body’s life-threatening immune response to the presence of bacteria in the blood or other infection and can claim lives within hours. In 2016, approximately 30 million people globally had sepsis causing more than 6 million deaths.

SepTec is a next generation sepsis detection device that is making significant strides towards addressing the vital need for rapid, accurate sepsis diagnosis. Eliminating the requirement for lengthy sample enrichment, SepTec rapidly detects sepsis in whole blood within 15 minutes, enabling healthcare providers to detect sepsis earlier translating to quicker and more relevant treatment, reduced mortality, shortened hospital stays and decreased financial outlay.

Addressing the need for rapid and accurate diagnosis of septic pathogens: SepTec 

SepTec Start-Up Academy Medtec Europe 2018
Elaine Spain SepTec Start-Up Medtec Europe

Elaine Spain, SepTec